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A North Lanarkshire town has been inspiring stunning displays

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Useful links GBBritish Mountaineering CouncilParkour UKSkateboard UKBritish Cycling Mountain BikingBritish Ski SnowboardIf you love the feeling of adrenaline pulsing through your body and get a thrill from pushing yourself to your limits, then you’ve come to the right place.Adventure sports involve high speeds, tall heights, a high level of physical activity and often, an element of risk.They can be associated with holidays or travelling, however you don’t have to look too far afield as the majority of adventure sports can be done not far from your doorstep in the UK.A North Lanarkshire town has been inspiring stunning displays of urban gymnasticsParkour may not be a competitive sport, but it is just as thrilling and demanding as other adventure sports.Through running, jumping and climbing, it’s a fantastic method of training and strength building, helping to increase skills such as balance, spatial awareness, agility, coordination and precision.Parkour builds confidence, determination, self discipline, self reliance and responsibility for one’s actions, and creates a sense of community.Learn the basics by finding your local group via Parkour UK, and there are even classes for seniors, like George.Mike Bushell proves you are never to old (or young) to SkateboardMany people think of skateboarding as a recreational activity, but if you take it to the next level it’s a fast, thrilling action sport that is not for the faint hearted!If you want to get into skateboarding, visiting a skate park is a great way to get started. Using ramps to pick up speed, you can learn to perform tricks such as the wheelie, high jump and 360 kick flip.If you’re looking for a safe environment for children of all ages and disabilities to try skateboarding, visit Sk8 Safe.From buying your first board and what footwear to wear, to tips and hints on learning tricks, Skateboard UK has all the information you need to get started, or get back into skateboarding.There are options for all abilities and the opportunity to take part in competitions. If you prefer recreational cycling, then the UK offers a network of tracks and trails to get stuck in to.Visit British Cycling for bike routes near you as well as for a comprehensive guide to mountain biking.

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