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Also Alberta’s portion? It’s one country

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canada goose Please avoid mentioning anticipated downvotes on your posts («I going to get downvoted for this, but.»). Why do you goose outlet canada think Albertans should have a canada goose outlet winnipeg different federal tax rate than anyone else? I think the equalization formula should be revisited, canada goose lodge uk but that arguing semantics over what, exactly, would be included, and it still wouldn likely result in Alberta receiving any money. canada goose

canadian goose jacket Why should the sweat of an Albertan brow go to the benefit of a Quebecois? canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets So that we don have Canadians living in poverty without access to health care and social services, you fucking sociopath. When the tables turn in fifty years, cheap canada goose Albertans will take every Quebecois dollar they can get. Canada Goose Jackets

cheap canada goose uk Regardless, none of that addresses the actual point that was being discussed, which is that ALBERTA FISCAL SITUATION IS NOT THE FAULT OF TRANSFER PAYMENTS, AND THE PROVINCIAL DEFICIT WOULDN BE ANY LOWER IF EQUALIZATION WERE ENDED, BECAUSE THE MONEY ISN SENT TO OTTAWA BY THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT. If Alberta had the same tax rates as Quebec, it wouldn’t be in deficit. This argument could be made on an individual basis. Maybe those tax cuts you gave to oil executives will inspire generous and kindhearted donations from those same oil executives, to keep impoverished Albertans in their houses. That is the true Free Market way, after all. If you provide no value to the Free Market, then the Free Market is free canada goose outlet website review to abandon canada goose outlet germany you. cheap canada goose uk

uk canada goose outlet I not going to defend Quebec, another bastion of corruption and corporate welfare. They found a way to be the canada goose black friday 2019 mens swing vote for the parties, and get lots of political love for canada goose uk telephone number that. But a time will come when Alberta will have to pay the bill for the party. We seeing a taste of it canada goose outlet phone number now. I think we see Alberta sink to Nova Scotia current level of struggling to maintain what industry is around and viable, but with the fun addition of hemorrhaging funds to keep billionaire «job creators» around for ideological reasons. They suck you dry, then move to a more prosperous place. uk canada goose outlet

Maybe down to the US, if they Conservative, and maybe another province if they don have much in the way of political leanings. Unless they can turn Alberta into a New Brunswick/Irvings kind of deal, where they just own everything and anything of mild value in the province. We’re saying Quebec made a choice to provide more services and benefits at the cost of higher taxes. All equalization does is make sure fiscal capacity is similar. So if Alberta wants what Quebec has, it too can https://www.thebookstop.biz raise taxes and provide those services. If they don’t, they don’t have to. Also Alberta’s portion? It’s one country, not ten, (no matter how much Albertans and Quebecers seem to want it not to be one country) and the federal budget is raised from every part of the country, not just Alberta. And transfers to the provinces aren’t just for one provinces, they go to all. Why shouldn’t all resource revenues be counted? And tax rates don’t matter, that’s a choice the province can make. What equalization takes into account is how much money could be raised if all tax rates were the same, or in other words the fiscal capacity of that province. Highest taxes, I’m assuming your talking about Ontario, unless some other province just shot up in population by millions. What does population size have to do with it? equalization is decided on a per capita basis. If you want to take Just the provinces total, Ontario pays more money in taxes then Alberta does, but we don’t say that because it takes things out of context. Ontario is more populous yes, and thus it has more expenses. More teachers, doctors etc. What matters is the cost per capita, and the income per capita. I mean just look at medium income of all the provinces, Ontario and Quebec sure aren’t at the top, that’s Alberta. In 2018, despite being richer per capita then the rest of the country, Alberta’s GDP grew quicker then the average. Wait are you arguing to abolish income tax? Or am I just misunderstanding? Wasn’t the world war 2 top tax rate around 70%? Anyways, It’s like saying why should higher income earners pay more money (. Why should someone making 100,000, of the sweat of their brow as you call it, pay to provide services for someone making 20,000? I mean I get free healthcare paid for by the richer individuals, even in my own province. That’s how the system works, higher incomes pay more to support lower incomes, even if you get rid of equalization, that’s how it would work. Alberta’s would still pay more in taxes because they make more in taxes. The idea is that you are uk canada goose store reviews contributing to services and programs. $20B a year is a looooooot of money.

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