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And I canada goose outlet uk sale had to make a change in my

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epic motivation

David Goggins Quotesthink I the hardest guy in the world. You got to believe that. You got to believe you are something. whole thing about comfort zones is if you live in one for too long, that becomes your norm. have to remind yourself of how badass you really are in times of need.David Goggins’s Top 10 Entrepreneurship Rules For Business and SuccessHe a Navy SEAL and former USAF Tactical Air canada goose outlet ottawa Control Party member. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He an ultramarathon runner, ultra distance cyclist, and triathlete. He David Goggins and here my take on his top 10 rules for success.Rule 1: Go Towards The TruthI came home one night from work, sprayin for cockroaches, and long story short, I turned on the Discovery Channel and I saw some guys going through Navy Seal training.And they were going through Hell Week and they were gettin their ass just beat. You know, in and out of the water, guys ringin the bell. There was sufferin and I was weighin like 297 pounds.And I canada goose outlet uk sale had to make a change in my life. canada goose jacket outlet You know? I was at an all time low, and I wasn goin anywhere, and I was exactly what everybody said I was going to be, canada goose outlet hong kong which was nothin So, I had to make a change.Interviewer: What was it about seeing suffering? This is really official canada goose outlet interesting, and I actually get it but I want to hear you explain it. Why suffering was was canada goose outlet usa the thing that triggered that thought?Well, for me, growin up, I came from a horrible background. I got called Nigger every day of my life growin up. Lived in a small town. The Klan headquarters at that time was about 20 minutes from where I lived.One of the high ups in the KKK son sat behind me in two classes, so he canada goose outlet london called me Nigger all the time. Got my canada goose outlet uk first car, they spray painted, going to kill you, on it.So, I was just a insecure, scared kid. And the only way I could find myself was through puttin myself thorough the worst thing possible. I want to say the exact opposite of what the world, today world, is saying.So we read a bunch of books nowadays. As humans, we want to find out how to be someone else. What we don do is we don go inside, so literally turn yourself inside canada goose kensington parka uk out, read the book that like we writin a canada goose outlet black friday sale book every day of our lives.Everyday, we seein who we are as people. When canada goose outlet kokemuksia I was growin up, I lied for people to accept me, because I didn accept myself. So, I would make up stories so then you would accept me into your world.Everything I did was for someone else to canada goose outlet jackets like me. It wasn until I started reading my own book about how pathetic I was as a human being. I could blame my dad, I could blame kids at school, I could blame havin health issues, ADD, my mom not bein around. Great mom canada goose outlet mississauga but she was doin her thing.I could blame a lot of canada goose outlet phone number people, and that the book I was reading. And I put it off on everybody else. It wasn I said, know what, for me to fix this, got to read what the hell, what the is wrong David Goggins. canada goose outlet vip blame anybody, read my book and say, I afraid my shadow. canada goose outlet belgium can I overcome that? Go in the military, get your ass kicked, do things you hate to do. Be uncomfortable every day of your life.Roger that. I not the smartest kid in the world. Okay. canada goose outlet washington dc Instead of somebody sayin, no, you smart. no, don canada goose outlet us say that to yourself. I said to myself, I a dumb. Okay, roger that. How you get smarter? Educate yourself.So the things that canada goose outlet in montreal we run from, we runnin from the truth. We runnin from the truth, man. So, the only way I became successful was goin towards the truth. As painful and as brutal as it is, it changed me. It allowed me to become, in my own right, who I am today.Rule 2: Have A Cookie JarMan: David, tell about the cookie jar.The cookie jar is somethin I invented. As you all Canada Goose Outlet know, your mom has a cookie jar, and sometimes you goose outlet canada might have a Oreo, sometimes you might have a Chips canada goose jacket outlet uk Ahoy, sometimes you might have a oatmeal raisin cookie.You never know. It just in there. My cookie jar has every single failure and https://www.topcanadagoose.ca success of my life. Somethin I overcame. So, what happens in time of life when you stressed out and things get bad, even the hardest guy in the world, me, everybody thinks, and I think I the hardest guy in the world, you got to believe canada goose jacket outlet store that.You got to believe you are somethin I will, in my mind, reach into my cookie jar and sometimes you forget how hard you are in times of need. you stressed. But you forget.I a Navy Seal, I a Ranger, I this and that, but you forget all that your life sucks. I calm down, take that one second, get control of canada goose outlet store toronto my life, reach in the cookie jar, you got called Nigger your whole life you now the only person in history to canada goose outlet shop do this, this, and this.Put it back in the cookie jar, reset my mind. You have to remind yourself of how badass you really are in times of need. That the cookie jar.Rule 3: Get Out Of canada goose coats uk The RoutineMan: So many of us are on cruise control, myself included, and we get into our daily routine. And routines are unbelievable, but routines can also be a rut. Only if you really challenge yourself and push yourself and get out of your routine, your comfort zone, can you get better. Like, you canada goose clothing uk can improve when you on auto pilot. So you have to set goals, and you have to set challenges that you don necessarily think you can do. Or you going to push yourself way further than you think you can to improve. So, you got to get out of the complacency of canada goose outlet real the routine.The whole thing about comfort zones is if you live in one for too long, that becomes your norm. It never allows you canada goose outlet toronto factory to get experience, gain knowledge, gain any kind of mental toughness.

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