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And to the electric water pump

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The same applies to the M256’s electric AC compressor, which can run full bore when the engine is off or when it’s idling. And to the electric water pump, which generates twice the power and flow of a conventional belt or gear driven water pump. That increases cooling capacity, safely allowing greater power density in the engine, and it allows the pump to be operated (faster, slower) irrespective of engine speed.

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Personally, I still pissed at the Nieuwendyk/Langenbrunner trade to the Devils for Jason Arnott and some other dude, which has always seemed too lopsided for me. In one of the few bright moments for the Stars, Marty Turco set an NHL record for best GAA in his first season as a starter (taking over for Belfour, who left as a free agent in the off season) though that record would end up getting broken by Calgary Miika Kiprusoff the very next year. In 2003, Derian Hatcher ended up leaving as a free agent, and Mike Modano became the new captain for the Stars..

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