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Apply everything that the world would throw at him

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Baby_Griffin 1 point submitted 3 months ago

Talk and explain consequences. Doesn uk canada goose wanna listen? canada goose black Canada Goose sale friday sale Apply law. Apply force. Apply everything that the world would throw at him. Order of canada goose outlet uk sale 20 paladins of vengeance, city guards, the king sends his personal elite guards to canada goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet store fuck canada canada goose outlet goose outlet shop him up, another party of adventurers gets wind of this and decides to rid the land canada goose factory outlet of this evil, there are gods who might intervene, he sounds stupid enough to make a pact when offered canada goose jacket outlet so send a fucking demon/devil his way to give him power but ultimately fuck canada goose outlet store uk him up and while we on the canada goose coats topic buy canada goose jacket of higher beings there are the inevitables who have canada goose outlet in usa their name for a reason and canadagooseonline oh boi he official canada goose outlet gon look funny when he sees a town of 100 cheap Canada Goose people turn to revenants to hunt down his ass.

And btw, a character is an extension of oneself. If one enjoys being a dark Canada Goose Parka and evil fuck (rape, killing innocents/children, abuse, murderhobo=power fantasies) buy canada goose jacket cheap he probably an unpleasent person canada goose clearance canada goose outlet black friday to begin with.

Second, dropping some corpse parts into a well isn going to kill the town. Dead animals would have been in the water supply all the time canada goose uk shop in a medieval setting. People might get sick Canada Goose Online but it not canada goose outlet online just going to nuke the place. They know not to drink gross water and probably inspect the well from time to time.

Anyway, I always resolve things in game canada goose outlet nyc and I think this is a very easy one. I would let him attempt the plan if the rest of the party is canada goose black friday sale (somehow) ok with it. But it canada goose outlet parka just shouldn work that well. I would tell him canada goose outlet reviews that his character would know that you can just insta kill a whole town that way and that it going to take more planning. Then, have other things for the party to do continue forward. «Objective X is happening in Canada Goose Coats On Sale 4 days, are we really going to canada goose outlet sit around this town plotting the death of an innocent npc? For no benefit? Would do other character alignments/gods allow them to do something like this?» The party should be asking these questions.

So here what needs to happen for him to even pull it off. They need nothing to do for at least a few days, they probably need Canada Goose Jackets a serious distraction for the canada goose clearance sale rest of the town, they need a covert way to assassinate her, and they need to make sure there are no witnessess. EVEN in that case though, a town has disappeared. What happens when the rest of the empire finds out about this? What canada goose happens if the party was known to have traveled those parts and never mentioned it to anyone?

So if it did happen, it very reasonable to have large effects. There should be an investigation. canada goose store 50 people died at once? Maybe a level 5 investigator is slowing tracking the party. Maybe an evil demigod or spirit becomes aware of the dude who killed dozens of innocent people just so that he could kill some kid for basically no reason. The demon/spirit/whatever might try to recruit the player to some dark force, at which point canada goose outlet canada the rest canada goose outlet toronto factory of the party will have canadian goose jacket to choose between parting ways with him or putting his terrible evil to canada goose outlet jackets rest.

Devintage 5 canada goose factory sale points submitted 3 months ago

It generally fine to have a big plot, canada goose outlet uk but don lay it all out in one go, or even in one game. Just tell them the essentials of the world at first, then smaller bits, otherwise they forget it all.

Other people have suggested to keep a list of names. When you do tell your players a name, write down who name that is. Also, write down which accent you canada goose outlet new york city used for which NPC. You might forget, they will remember.

Even canada goose outlet sale if you make stuff up, don tell them that. As canada goose uk outlet far as they know, everything you do was always prepared, and planned for.

The next one is super niche, and it happened to me in a game. Canada Goose online Don set an encounter in a gold mine. My players wanted to loot all the crates full of ingots and ore, and they probably won let it drop if you tell them no.

Devintage 1 uk canada goose outlet point submitted 3 months ago

This probably won help, canada goose coats on sale but in my canada goose uk black friday experience of goose outlet canada uninstalling NMM, it doesn get rid of everything. NMM has like 3 different folders all scattered about, try cheap canada goose uk deleting those manually, instead of regularly uninstalling. Try the next step canada goose outlet online uk as your last possible resort.

When doing the above, don worry if you find out one of the folders in the root directory doesn exist, it probably hidden, and no mod I have ever used has touched it.

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