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«At Shelters of Saratoga, Case Manager Shaun Cox said clients

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Homelessness an issue across area

Orlando Garcia can’t remember if he knew a snowstorm https://www.georg-godorr.de was coming last Wednesday, but it didn’t matter: he wanted to sleep outdoors.

Garcia was one of canada goose black friday sale an unknown number of homeless people canada goose outlet toronto factory in Saratoga Springs last week.

«I like to keep moving and I don’t want to be found, so canada goose outlet uk sale I won’t say where I’ll be staying tonight,» Garcia said while having lunch at the Presbyterian New England Congregational Church soup kitchen on Circular Street Thursday.

Staying mobile to prevent what he calls «chemical and biological assaults» have kept Garcia homeless since 1997, he said.

«In the summer, it’s easy. You want to be near water so you can fish. I like a riverside or lake for a campsite,» he said.

But with subfreezing temperatures and more than a foot of snow that fell through Wednesday, Garcia said he built a lean to in the woods. Maybe it was in the Saratoga Spa State Park he wasn’t really sure.

«The key is to wrap yourself well in a blanket,» he said. «You want to be warm, but not in a sleeping bag where you can’t get up and go quickly. The other thing is keeping your feet warm. These shoes are not great.» He was canada goose outlet sale wearing a pair of leather dress shoes with two pairs of socks.

«If you wake up in the night and your feet are numb, you must get up and take a walk,» Garcia said.

The number of people seeking assistance from charities, including a place to stay, has been on the rise over the past three years as cheap canada goose the economy has slumped, according to advocates for the homeless.

Saratoga Springs Police Lt. Greg Veitch said a database on canada goose black friday sale his computer lists «homeless» as the address for 156 arrests over the past five years, representing 70 individuals.

«Some of those are multiple arrests for the same person, and some of those people I recognize as having been homeless when they were arrested but I know they’re not now,» Veitch said.

Some of the homeless are transient, even seasonal with warmer weather, according to police Sgt. Shane Crooks. He said there is also a good number of people who live without a permanent address on the Spa City cheap canada goose uk streets year round.

«They have a system of communication,» he said. «We had one guy tell us he was traveling through Colorado when another homeless person told him Saratoga Springs was a good place to go.»

There are canada goose store more homeless men than women, he said; their ages range from young teens to the elderly.

City police are often called to deal with homeless people congregating in public areas or trespassing on private property.

«We find them all over. A lot of times they camp in the wooded areas canada goose outlet new york city or behind businesses or in vacant buildings,» Crooks said. «We have a homeless shelter and other programs, but they require sobriety and a lot of times the homeless don’t want assistance if they have to stay sober.»At Shelters of Saratoga, Case Manager Shaun Cox said clients can stay for up to 60 days, but a daily routine is canada goose outlet black friday strongly encouraged from the beginning.

«I would say about half the people are searching for jobs during the canada goose outlet jackets day and probably 30 to 40 percent are in some sort of treatment,» Cox said. «Extensive mental Canada Goose Parka health or substance abuse treatment might occur five days a week, and there are appointments with the Department of Social Services that are canada goose coats on sale often scheduled.»

Aarin, a 54 year old woman originally from Albany, has been a resident of Shelters of Saratoga for more than a month.

Feeling canada goose better about her situation, but not prepared to give her full name and announce that she needed the services at the shelter, Aarin said «health issues» landed her in Saratoga Springs and following treatment, she was placed at the home on Walworth Street.

Disabled and looking for a permanent home, she spends several hours on most days walking around the city, stopping at the public library or browsing in local galleries, including those at the Saratoga Arts Center on Broadway.

«There are a lot of shops that are fun to look through, and I stop for a cup of coffee at Stewart’s,» she said. «Most days I just kill time until I can go to the soup kitchen for canada goose outlet lunch or come back here for the night.»

Aarin has befriended 41 year old MaryBeth, who has been staying at the shelter since November. canada goose outlet parka She also declined to give canada goose coats her last name, as she said she doesn’t want her former housemate to know where she is now.

«I was in an abusive relationship and when cheap canada goose I decided to leave, I went first into rehab and then came here,» she said. «I go to therapy every day during the week, and I spend time with my family on the weekends.»

She said she’s getting ready to find a job and return to canada goose outlet store a stable life that has eluded her for the past several years.

«The staff here are great canada goose jacket outlet and they’ve put a roof over my head for the last couple of months,» she said. «I had Canada Goose Coats On Sale a real career before my life fell apart. I don’t know what I’ll do when I leave, but I am getting ready to leave.»

Throughout the Capital Region, service agencies offer help to the homeless and others in danger of ending up on the streets.

Albert Murselli was an Albanian refugee escaping Kosovo in 1983 when he made his way to New York City and a job as a roofer.

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