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Be aware of history and your roots but lets not continue this

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At 12 years old, I loved President Kennedy and Jackie; they were beautiful and magical and I couldn understand why anyone would shoot him. A store on Main Street had color TVs in the window and the adults were three and four deep in front. It seemed like everyone was touching each other.

cheap nfl jerseys There are two very different «Orthodox» groups in Israel. Extreme settlers tend to be «National Religious,» who not only tend to serve in the military but are disproportionately represented in combat units and the officer corps.The folks in Lakewood, as well as the ones in Israel who generally do not serve or work, are «Haredim.» While there are a very large number of haredi settlers, they tend to live in major city settlements like Beitar Illit and Modiin Illit, and moved there for primarily economic rather than ideological reasons.So, very generally, the religious settlers who are most likely to inflame tensions also tend to also be ones from communities that serve in the military.1) the founders of This country were not religious.Be aware of history and your roots but lets not continue this farce called religion to influance our lives directly and indirectly.It is an absurd state of affairs around the question of who is jewish, what it means to be a jew etc.This has indirectly led to the problem of orthodox jewish society in Israel that rose up as a result of adhering and giving power to religious definition and ideas in Israeli society.The same with the messianic settlers that spark more feuds with the Palestinians in the name of some delusional religious ideal. Look at Japan and Shinto the national religion is pervasive but accepting of theological disagreement. cheap nfl jerseys

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