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Better yet, stop letting the kids bring their phones to school

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Mostly they were tagalongs who decided to work with the orcs in gratitude, so it remained the horde, even though it now had trolls.They got to Kalimdor and met the Bloodhoof tauren being chased down by centaurs, and saved them. In gratitude, the tauren allied with them, and nobody saw any reason to start saying, «We the League of Kalimdor» or anything like that, they just stuck with the Horde because it was easy.At this point, the Horde is more or less a counterpart to the Alliance, it not a single unified organization, but a group of organizations working together towards common goals, like the betterment of their racial societies and mutual protection against Alliance aggression (note: the Horde is not innocent of being aggressors, but neither is the Alliance). The swastika is still a symbol of peace to this day, doesn matter that a man decided to have it on his banners and create genocide, the original meaning matters.Same with the Horde, when it was created it was a name of power, motivation and hope for all Orcs.

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