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But from the attitude of people that I have the chance to

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Big, beautiful display and loud stereo speakers makes canada goose outlet jackets this device awesome for content consumption. Netflix in HDR is so damn good to look at. PUBG, monument valley on this phone is godly.

Battery life is incredible. I a super heavy user. Between emails, texts, calls, games and shitty reception I still have more than enough when I get home.

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Things I have mixed feelings about:

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My phone gets uncomfortably hot when wireless charging.

Those are very minor gripes and overall I still love this device.

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale No, it appears that this version of GCAM not only ported the Pixel 3XL superior photo taking, it also ported the Pixel 3XL awful audio capture in videos. So when taking videos, you might want to still use the stock camera app. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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This topic also interests me as I was born in Vietnam, immigrated to the US, and acquired a disability (SCI) later in life. I have visited Vietnam once since and have thought a lot about it since I returned.

canada goose clearance During my trip, the only people with disability I saw was on the street either panhandling or selling trinkets and lottery tickets. This to me means people with disability do not go out if they don have to. And I hypothesize the reasons behind it: canada goose clearance

uk canada goose outlet 1. They do not want to/don need https://www.canadagoose-online-shop.co.uk to go out or have family/caretakers to tend to their needs uk canada goose outlet

2. They can go out because facilities are inaccessible and can support their needs.

3. They can go out by themselves because they are dependent on people (caretakers) and it is viewed as a hassle to do so.

In a society that has collectivistic culture and values conformity, handicapped people stood out like sore thumbs. There are not a lot of societal and governmental support to people with disability. They tend to be seen as helpless and dependent and as a result, not being able to canada goose outlet reviews be a part of society.

Accessibility is not a standard and not enforced. I have visited big commercial centers and stores in Saigon and saw that they don pay any attention to accessible design. An example would be lots of restrooms are built on one step up. So you have to take one step up to be able to get to the door. The step does not have any function besides aesthetic and yet makes it entirely inaccessible for anyone with wheelchair or stroller. Stairs are very prevalent in Vietnam because of limited space and I have seen only one canada goose outlet store toronto place with a ramp that was the right degree of steepness and width for wheelchair.

Overall I had family members there and could advocate for my needs so my experience canada goose victoria parka outlet was not super negative. But from the attitude of people that I have the chance to interact on the street/in restaurants and stores, I think they are not used to treating a person with disability as everyone else. I think lots of time people don think of people with disability as part of their society. The thought process makes sense to me as they probably have not had a lot of exposure or experience interacting with one.

Of course these are from my personal experience and they are very subjective. If I have more time, I interested in learning more about this topic, especially with the upcoming waves of aging demographic and how (or if) society would evolve to take care of their needs.

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