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«But I’m pretty sure it will be in shades of green

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They may disagree on many things, but the people of Ojai follow one, unwritten law: Don’t stare at the celebrities.

canada goose clearance The rule goes into full effect canada goose outlet whenever Oscar winner and occasional Ojai resident Reese Witherspoon decides to stroll through the Arcade with hubby Jim Toth. canada goose clearance

The likes of Anthony Hopkins, Ellen DeGeneres and the Grammy winning soprano Dawn Upshaw also are able to pass more or less unmolested as they make the rounds of local shops, galleries and restaurants.

canadian goose jacket But when Los Angeles based fashion designer Santino Rice, a love him canada goose outlet mississauga or hate him fan favorite from «Project Runway,» walked through the farmers market in search of dark, leafy greens on a recent Sunday, it was hard to resist craning one’s neck to get a better look. canadian goose jacket

He cuts a compelling figure, for one thing. label Odyn Vovk and a plaid Gant shirt cut from such high thread count cotton that it shimmered like silk in the late morning sun. Topping it all off was an Italian made Borsalino fedora.

cheap Canada Goose «I have 500 hats. I have a lot of shoes, too, but I love hats,» Rice, 37, said with a laugh. «A hat is like an exclamation point on someone.» cheap Canada Goose

Which brings up another attention grabber: Rice’s voice.

Canada Goose Outlet It is deep. Some might even say it rumbles. And to hear it is to be immediately reminded of scenes from the second season of «Project canada goose factory outlet vancouver Runway» in which Rice, sewing canada goose outlet shop needle in hand and canada goose trenton jacket uk his body bent over some lederhosen lingerie, pauses to mimic series host Tim Gunn: Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose sale «Designers? Make it work!»But at the farmers market, Rice instead asked: «Is this organic?» Canada Goose sale

After existing for most of his life on such on deadline fashion industry staples as greasy takeout food washed down with gallons of coffee, Rice has gone canada goose shop uk not only organic but vegan and gluten free.

Making the switch has kicked his existing love affair canada goose black friday sale uk with Ventura County? which is home to several organic farms? into high gear, he said.

But Rice’s familiarity with the region also is helping with the creation of one of his newest designs: a custom made dress inspired by Ventura County itself.

cheap canada goose uk «I wouldn’t go looking for literal things in the design, like, here’s the coastline and here are the mountains,» Rice said, laughing again. «But I’m pretty sure it will be in shades of green.» cheap canada goose uk

buy canada goose jacket cheap Rice was contracted to create the dress for Women Today, a lifestyle expo organized by the marketing department of The Star. The expo will take place Friday and Saturday at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Saturday. It will then be given away to the winner of a drawing conducted after the expo. Event ticket holders may enter the drawing via forms available at the fairgrounds; entries also will be accepted by cheap canada goose decoys mail through Nov. 14. buy canada goose jacket cheap

uk canada goose outlet BY DESIGN uk canada goose outlet

Born in Missouri, Rice credits his mother, a schoolteacher who recently retired, with inspiring and encouraging his interest in fashion.

«She allowed me to be https://www.baertakreation.de the arbiter of taste in our household. Every piece of art that was purchased, every garment? my opinion was paramount,» he said.

«I remember being about 5 and sitting in the dressing room at the department store, helping her pick out her wardrobe at the start of a new school year. The salespeople were like, ‘Who is this kid?'» Rice said.

His mother also had a collection of more than 1,000 Barbie dolls, for which he learned how to sew teeny tiny outfits on a serger, a type of sewing machine that automatically binds the raw edges of seams.

«Being a fashion designer is something I knew my entire life I wanted to do,» said Rice. «Having a family member recognize and canada goose womens uk encourage the talents and interests of a child is huge.»

Canada Goose Online Rice moved to Los Angeles after earning a scholarship to attend the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising. His stint on «Project Runway» followed in 2005, when the show still was on Bravo. (It has since moved to Lifetime.) Canada Goose Online

Rice, who now focuses on making one of a kind pieces for private clients, was shooting the Lifetime series «On the Road with Austin and Santino» when he began having the health problems that led to a complete change of diet, he said.

«On the Road» followed Rice and co star Austin Scarlett, who appeared on the first season of «Project

Runway» and is among the contestants for the buy canada goose jacket «Project Runway All Stars» canada goose outlet near me series slated to air next year. The men traveled from one small American town to another, making a special occasion outfit for a different «real» woman every week.

Canada Goose online The women and their stories were wonderful, Rice said. But it was often a challenge to find suitable fabrics in some of the towns, a fact that sent the designers pawing through thrift stores and quilt shops in search of fabric, zippers, buttons and trims Canada Goose online.

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