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D2 makes me feel like an idiot for being invested in D1 lore

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canada goose store Zero_Emerald 1 point submitted 1 month ago canada goose store

I not sure if people will get what www.hotcanadagoose.com I mean, but Forsaken feels a lot meatier than vanilla D2. That had a bigger campaign, had the 4 original locations, adventures, lost sectors etc, but Forsaken just feels like it has so much more depth and mass. 2 amazing new locations, one of which is full of secrets and time gated changes, continuing on the story that the original revenge campaign started. The raid is grand, the random rolls add so much more loot potential, the grind is back and I bloody love the Triumphs/Collections tabs. Collections needs to include Y2 stuff somehow and it would be great if all of D1 grimoire was added to the lore triumph section.

D1 raid armour also had synergistic perks that helped in the raid and straight up came with some special perks (Inverse Shadow, Ashes to Assets, all the weapon ammo perks that were godly for DPS sections of the raid)

D1 seemed to actively reward people for hunting down those armour sets and getting the perfect perks on them. Didn hurt that most of the raids were actually rewarding to get through. KF still is top tier content to me, its a 1a/b with VoG in all honesty.

uk canada goose GabbleRatchet98 1 point submitted 11 months ago uk canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets The post is a comparison of the volume of available rewards, not their relative quality. It also, in its title, says it is a table comparison not a of available guns comparison. Comparing only weapons gives you a canada goose parka outlet ratio of 11 to 20, which makes D2 look like its raids are only 55% as rewarding as the equivalent D1 raids. Including armor sets changes that ratio significantly. the actual total number of drops is more like 41 in D2 to 50, meaning D2 actually has 82% the number of rewards that D1 raids had. That ratio canada goose outlet near me actually gets MORE favorable for D2 when you include multiple sets for normal/prestige. The point is that the post, in general, is somewhat misleading. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose black friday sale Salted_cod 785 points submitted 11 months ago canada goose black friday sale

Most of my anger is from seeing 3 years of mystery surrounding Osiris get shredded into fodder for a couple cutscenes. Knowing that they eventually do the same thing to Rasputin is the final straw for me. I spent so much time in lore posts and the Grimoire trying to piece together clues, and it end all up with Rasputin speaking to us directly in English with a goofy stereotypical Russian accent followed up by some canada goose outlet store near me cringey «joke» from Nolanbot. Fuck that. D2 makes me feel like an idiot for being invested in D1 lore. I could have read novels, or history books, anything with a direction, difficult desicions/realities, a satisfying conclusion, and a sense of meaning. But no. I wasted my mind on a bunch of half baked clues that aren canada goose outlet legit even worth resolving with head cannon at this point. I don wanna be around for when they fuck up Savathun, Quria, Charlemagne, The Nine, canada goose outlet official the Awoken, the House of Kings/the House of Judgement, etc etc etc. I don wanna be canada goose outlet phone number around when everything that I thought was going to be interesting and somewhat complex turns into «pay 20 bucks to stop Big Bad Guy from initiating Big Bad Doomsday Plan to Destroy the City 1326». I posted this before, but certain moments in the Halo games genuinely affected me emotionally. The Gravemind dangling me by the foot canada goose outlet sale gave me that specific sense of helpless dread that you can only get from something like a Lovecraft story. Saving Cortana made me cry. Killing the Heretic while knowing he was right and trying to save his people was as frustrating as knowing Oedipus fate and not being able to stop him. D1 teased that I get all that eventually, and now I know I never will.

thebonesinger 1 point submitted 11 canada goose outlet uk months ago

canada goose As a Titan main since beta, how much they are rawdogging Titans in D2 is killing me. Saint 14 turned into Osiris fanboy who gets fridged off screen and no one even notices. canada goose

canada goose clearance sale Sunbreakers all getting smothered canada goose outlet in canada goose outlet canada by a pillow off screen too because it just so hard to deal with more than 1 thing at a time. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose uk black friday I heard that another of the Titan orders also got totally wiped out in the Red War too, because y fuck titans. canada goose uk black friday

Then we get Kabr and Saint 14 AND Wei Ning fucking ship as an EVERVERSE PURCHASE.

Doesn even touch what they done to Titans gameplay wise too, but this is something that been going on since D1.

Titans: the punchiest, brawliest, holders of the front line since the motherfucking WALL, and who gets the exotics that stack melee damage? Warlocks. Who gets the exotic that heals on melee damage? Warlocks. Who gets Weapons of Light and Blessing of Light? Fucking warlocks.

timedonutheart 2 points submitted 11 months ago

cheap Canada Goose Oh hey, that awesome! I knew there was a Crucible podcast, but I had no idea there was a lore one. I definitely have to check you guys out. How does one join this community of researchers? cheap Canada Goose

cheap canada goose uk And yeah, I was really let down by D2 lore. I get why they want to streamline the lore, but ghost scans are extremely simplistic and the lore tabs just don tell the same kinds of stories that the grimoire did (with the exception of the raid lore). I loved the expansive nature of the grimoire that left a lot of room for theorizing, and that mostly gone in D2. 🙁 cheap canada goose uk

GabbleRatchet98 2 points submitted 11 months ago

I would say we were all initially like when Osiris popped Dawnblade. I was a bit disappointed not that someone on the level of Osiris would have mastered Dawnblade, but because his usage of it made him seem like another warlock when the information we had on him previously made it clear he was so much more. In one of the later trailers, there is footage of him in some golden form not like a state that we would think of, but at least SOMETHING that we haven seen before. So I regained some optimism there.

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