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He knew exactly what he was doing to that repulsive gentle

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canada goose uk helmia 2 9,043 points submitted 8 months ago canada goose uk

canada goose outlet boston I was 14 and on my first summer job uk canada goose outlet ever. A well dressed middle aged businessman comes in and we have completely normal quick chat I can remember anymore, other than he said that he had seen me working on the window a few times. Then he takes a thing out of his pocket and reaches out his hand, without thinking I stick out my hand and take it, which turns out to be a dirty tissue. On a very kind voice he says «I want you to know that I jerked on that thinking about you», flashes a nice smile and uk canada goose without any rush leaves, even said hi to my boss on his way out. Took me a while to understand it really happened and start acting, just enough for him to leave. He knew it and did it on purpose. canada goose outlet boston

canada goose outlet niagara falls I spent the rest of the day mostly crying in the bathroom. It was the contrast on what I was used to on that job (I had the best time and people were wonderful) and completely having my guard down that threw me off. canada goose outlet niagara falls

canada goose outlet online store review Edit: I don know even what to say, other than I was shocked logging in my reddit account, this has blown up. So many messages I no idea where to start replying, most of them are so lovely and I thank you guys for those ones and appreciate it. So great conversation under this, I highly recommend reading it and I wish I had the time to participate on so many of the messages. Since there are so many same questions I Canada Goose Jackets answering here. canada goose outlet online store review

canada goose outlet black friday I never went to the police. Back then I only told my closest friends. I think that the reason why I felt so angry about this for quite a while. I wasn necessarily traumatized, but I definitely had these «pangs» of anger when I thought about the situation on a shower or lying on the bed. I would had everything I could possibly need to go to the police: we had cameras, I had the tissue, I had the greatest boss whom I knew would have immediately believed me and acted, right then when it happened or even later. She was a kickass though lady, and I know that if I had immediately opened my mouth and yelled to her what happened she would slammed the door and not let him leave. canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose uk site I didn go to the police, firstly because I felt deeply ashamed of what happened, just saying out the words he told me buy canada goose jacket was way too much. I didn even tell my sisters until years later because I knew they would tell my parents (and I told them everything). The first person I told exactly what happened with details was my then boyfriend two years after it happened, and he was the first person who even mentioned police. canada goose uk site

canada goose outlet nyc The second reason I never told anyone, let alone buy canada goose jacket cheap the police, is that it wasn anything completely revolutionary Canada Goose Coats On Sale to me. Yes it was deeply shocking to someone who had only kissed guys and was pretty much unaware that people around me even masturbate, but I Canada Goose Parka had been sexually harassed and humiliated before that incident so many times that I always thought you just deal with cheap Canada Goose it and move on. And I don mean hormonal teenage boys (I not saying guys your age aren capable of doing horrible and traumatic stuff too) but grown men. Grown men had offered me money canadian goose jacket for sex, taken pictures of me, called me names, stared at me, I been groped, touched, «complimented», and shown penis I didn want to see. And I not talking about only being a teenager, I remember men starting to notice me when I was as young as 8 9. It definitely got worse after I developed hips and ass as a preteen, but even before I had the shape of a woman (and even still then I was stick thin and looked young, just like I still do). Everyone I know had been harassed. I promise you, every single living female has at least one story like this. canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet in usa After this incident I been harassed (like my second boss on my second job «accidentally» smacked my ass when I was 15, to give one example) or something that can be counted as sexual harassing but approaching so many times while working that I can start listing those incidents. Working on customer service as a female does that. I still get that treatmen, but I know exactly how to deal with creeps nowadays. It took me a long time to realize that I have the right to be other things than nice and polite to strangers, especially at work. And you can do it by not being vulgar or physically offensive, but make your message loud and clear. «Fun» tip that works surprisingly often after someone shoots you with a greasy disgusting comment: just intensely staring at him with a deadpan face, not saying one word or acknowledging his action but just staring the shit canada goose clearance sale out him is ridiculously effective. Complete your job while not moving an inch (if he tiniest bit normal he will get uncomfortable as fuck and even start apologizing). People, don Canada Goose Outlet be afraid to call the security, tell your boss, and even go to the police. You are not going to work to be asked if your vagina is sideways, you go there to make money and deserve to be respected as a human being while doing it. canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose outlet vancouver Now looking back to it, easily the worst part is that he knew that he would get away with it. He knew exactly what he was doing to that repulsive gentle voice he was using and that makes it so so very disgusting. Obviously canada goose store he was sure that I would never go to the police either. I absolutely 100% sure he has done it before and maybe even does this canada goose coats today. He saw how completely I froze, and took his sweet time nonchalantly wandering out of the store, underlining his power and how he was humiliating me. He canada goose black friday sale was so completely relaxed and certain of himself. When your brain registers that someone is smiling and expressing completely non threatening body language while communicating with you but his actions are the complete opposite of that canada goose uk black friday it takes you even longer to understand what is happening. canada goose outlet vancouver

canada goose outlet locations in toronto He was a disgusting piece of shit. And unfortunately, there are plenty of disgusting pieces of shits out there, so please people, teach your Canada Goose sale girls that they have the right to act when someone harasses or attacks them. And it is not her fault. Pretty in every culture in this world girls are raised to be polite and not difficult, especially to Canada Goose Online strangers. If canada goose coats on sale you are a parent of canada goose factory sale a daughter, has your daughter ever even screamed from the top of her lungs? Ask her. If she hasn take her somewhere where she can practice it. Women freezing while being sexually harassed or even assaulted is incredibly common, and it is one of the structures keeping this system where the overwhelming majority of assaulters walk out unharmed and unpunished. Because we blame cheap canada goose uk ourselves for not acting, and hate ourselves later for it. It is incredibly common for people who have been raped or sexually abused to think no one will believe them because they have no evidence of physical struggle, and even believe they deserved it because they let canada goose clearance it happen. And as a side note unfortunately the marks of physical fight are still the number one evidence at least in my country. Getting charged, let alone sentenced, without them for aggravated rape is extremely low, and even for rape it hard. That haydar-furniture.com one of the reasons why out of all sexual assaults in this world (or my country), only the tiniest handful ends up in actual conviction. When the situation where you should scream or attempt physical violence on another human for the first time of your life is an extremely overwhelming and scary one, Canada Goose online the possibility of just freezing and «checking out» is high because it is simply too much. Unfortunately, no matter how common it is, we still don really talk about it, teach girls to act or notice it while sentencing canada goose sexual assaults. canada goose outlet locations in toronto

canada goose outlet paypal Okay I will stop rambling here, quite heavy stuff and I my intention wasn to write this much when I started, but feels good to let this out. canada goose uk outlet Let make a world a better place canada goose uk shop people! Maybe one day young children, girls and women wont have to go through all this. canada goose outlet paypal

canada goose victoria parka outlet Edit2: Thank you so much to the lovely u/Lonegeekygurl for feeling this was worth giving gold and your amazing wise words in our PMs. Means a lot, I really appreciate it. Also haydar-furniture a huge thank you to the other kind person who not only gave gold but the most beautiful encouraging words. I immensely thankful for these gestures. It has given me courage to continue speaking about this and I hope this will help even one person going through something similar. I will pass this kindness on by encouraging others to speak out canada goose victoria parka outlet.

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