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Hieroglyphics are just primitive pictures

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Fight the Power WITH NO CHILL

1.) Do not post content just because a canada goose factory sale black person posted Canada Goose Parka it. This sub is intended for exceptionally hilarious and insightful social media posts buy canada goose jacket cheap made by black people, not just Canada Goose Online any canada goose outlet toronto factory social media post made by black buy canada goose jacket people.

1. No original content. We encourage users to go on twitter to find tweets as opposed to making tweets just for this subreddit.

3.) No bullying or witch hunting. This includes comments disparaging people whose tweets and posts are featured canada goose outlet canada canada goose uk outlet here. Doxxing or sharing personal information will cheap canada goose uk result in a permanent ban.

4.) No Racism. No hate speech. canada goose outlet uk No homophobia/transphobia. No canada goose outlet sale sexism/misogyny. No black fathers posts and similar mean spirited things.

5.) Posts must be showcasing somebody being hilarious or insightful on social media. No image macros, text conversations, or YouTube links. Just because somebody posted one of these Canada Goose Coats On Sale on social media does not exempt it from this rule. Vines and such canada goose outlet store uk belong canada goose here and gifs belong here.

6.) Typical Reddit cliches such as lyric chains, pun chains, white knighting, and low effort joke comments will be removed. Same for annoying uk canada goose outlet redditisms, such as linking a subreddit as a reply to a post/comment.

7.) Reposts official canada goose outlet Canada Goose sale are highly discouraged, and if discovered will be removed. Please search or look canadian goose jacket through BPT older posts to see canada goose outlet online uk if your content has already been posted. KarmaDecay is not a reliable tool to check for reposts.

8.) No posts with terrible titles, they will be removed. You are free to re submit once canada goose outlet new york city you think of something acceptable/reasonable. Don put canada goose outlet jackets the punchline in the title of the post. Do not add «bruh» or «fam» or canada goose uk shop similar vernacular to your post or comment just to sound black.

9.) Don complain about AAVE or slang. Use Urban Dictionary if you do not understand the meaning of a word. Comments asking «what does x mean?» will be removed.

10.) Don call out people canada goose black friday sale as white. People of all www.picframer.ca colors do post and comment here. It contributes nothing canada goose outlet parka to the conversation and canada goose outlet is punishable by ban.

11.) Don post things from meme/corporate accounts. Posts must come from regular social media accounts. The words are just one of those, alongside nuanced aspects like goose outlet canada emphasis, inflection, intonation, diction, syntax. The language of choice could even affect how the message canada goose outlet in usa conveyed is canada goose factory outlet interpreted canada goose canada goose coats outlet reviews considering the sapir canada goose outlet store whorf hypothesis

Even without speech though, rudimentary actions can convey discernable messages, however inarticulate they may be. Like I can show you pictures with no words but words give the pictures context. Hieroglyphics are just primitive pictures. They represent things but they not Canada Goose Outlet a language like we canada goose jacket outlet use today. I can hand you a stack of pictures but without anything to give you a sense of order, canada goose outlet shop syntax, tense, etc, one can only guess at the true meaning. Imagine an illustrated children book canada goose outlet nyc without canada goose clearance sale words. Just the illustrations. I think he has some pretty stupid ideas (like pushing to get his daughter a gun as a response to a nearby shooting).

He does Canada Goose Jackets have a point about how white liberals cheap Canada Goose and black folk relate to each other, but I don see how turning to the NRA as an ally is anywhere close to the lesser of two evils. I think if Mike is trying to find someone to help and understand black struggle, the canada goose outlet uk sale NRA canada goose clearance is uk canada goose sure to not give a fuck, while white liberals are at least capable of canada goose outlet black friday it.

I guess all I saying is, I don agree with all of canada goose outlet online his Canada Goose online messaging, but Killer Mike is a canada goose black friday sale very thoughtful guy, and he is worth listening to.

Change takes time, yet we already seeing progress. If your timeline for required change is one year, you just stupid, canada goose coats on sale sorry. The civil canada goose store rights take years to change, but don worry rest assured you on canada goose uk black friday the wrong side of history with canada goose outlet store the idiots, the bigots, the racists, and the sexists. Sorry boo boo.

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