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How in the world are canada goose jacket outlet uk those

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buy canada goose jacket StonedBird1 1 points submitted 17 hours ago buy canada goose jacket

A memory leak is by definition when you incorrectly manage memory, and don free it when you no longer need it.

Canada Goose Outlet Reference cycles are the only example that are a memory leak. Going in an infinite loop is not a memory leak. The program exiting is not a memory leak. The computer losing power canada goose outlet is not a memory leak. How in the world are canada goose jacket outlet uk those memory leaks? Operating systems free process memory on close. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance sale And cycles are a special case. Just document that if you create a cycle, it possible destructors may not be run. «Destructors are guaranteed to run in the absence of Reference counting cycles, explicitly choosing not to run the destructor with mem::forget, and terminating the process through non normal means» canada goose clearance sale

No need to inject the rest of the language with «destructors may as well not exist, never put code in them because they don have to run!!11»

rebootyourbrainstem 11 points submitted 17 hours ago

Consider also the fairly common case of having a long lived HashMap somewhere and accidentally forgetting canada goose outlet uk to remove items from it when you done with them.

In fact mem::forget used to be marked unsafe. It was marked safe eventually for the following two reasons if I remember correctly:

The fact that you can cause pretty much the same behavior by canada goose outlet orlando just stuffing something in a cycle of two Rc super fast data structure which is implemented goose outlet canada using unsafe internally has to guarantee that no matter when a panic happens, it has to be in a «safe» state afterwards where you can cause memory unsafety by using its normal API. This is much more efficient to implement if data structures are allowed to «lose» some items in case of a panic at a really bad time (such as when they resizing their backing storage, or in the middle of moving things around).

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale The Civil Space Employee Testing Act of 1991 requires the establishment of a program to test for use of alcohol and controlled canada goose outlet uk sale substances by employees and contractors of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) whose duties include «responsibility for safety sensitive, security, or national security functions.» Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Emphasis mine. Anyone working on NASA contracts for safety sensitive functions at SpaceX is required to be drug tested as a contractor of NASA.

uk canada goose rebootyourbrainstem 6 points submitted 2 days agoIt leaves a lot up to NASA and its administrator though, including defining the list of controlled substances («controlled substances» is specifically defined as a selection defined by the administrator) and the required level of testing. I not sure if such regulations are easily accessible, especially as they relate to contractors, but if anybody has a canada goose outlet winnipeg address link it would be appreciated. 38 points submitted 4 days ago uk canada goose

canada goose uk shop IMO, the biggest flaw with all iterations of the BFR is the poor weight balance. The cargo/passenger mass has always been on top; during the EDL process, the tanks will be nearly empty, so it be heavily https://www.goosesea.com front heavy. This is super bad, because entering pointy end first is the worst way to slow down. canada goose uk shop

With H1 2018 BFR, they put some cargo at the tail end of the BFS; I going to go out on a limb here and say they planning to put all of the cargo at the bottom and drop the wings (or at least substantially downsize them). It would make the BFS more balanced, it would increase the moment of inertia to have heavy stuff far away from the CoM, and it would simplify cargo offloading on Mars.

rebootyourbrainstem 1 point submitted 3 days ago

Yeah I expecting it to be something like this. Maybe even going so far as to flare the bottom out a whole lot more and spreading the engines evenly canada goose parka outlet uk over this whole area. Then the angled area between the wider bottom and tank diameter main body is packed with externally mounted aerodynamic cargo containers that lift out directly.

uk canada goose outlet I still expect the crew and life support sections to be on top though, even if just for noise/vibration reasons. uk canada goose outlet

If they do this it does raise concerns canada goose stockists uk about how the booster and spaceship will be joined though (will it need an aerodynamic skirt?), and it will make the cargo version a lot less suitable for really big payloads since the payload volume is split between the canada goose kensington parka uk top and the bottom.

rebootyourbrainstem 11 points submitted 4 days ago

canada goose uk black friday For BFR they spent a lot of time showing off the design and explaining the ideas and engineering behind it, to get people engaged and thinking about the possibilities. Remember in the end they want to be just a transport company, and customers will need quite a long time to get ready. Also they would prefer people to give them money sooner than later, because it will accelerate development and decrease risk. See also Dear Moon. canada goose uk black friday

For all of that, you need something that you can stand behind and say «this is the design, and it will work». But it clear that there is still a lot of room for design changes. A lot of large aerospace projects go through a lot of iteration even after the basic plan has been shown off a thousand times, sometimes even after prototypes have been built.

What interesting about SpaceX BFR changes is that they are playing with the aerodynamics so much. It looks like they really have a lot of faith in the aerodynamics modeling and simulation software they use, especially when you think about the kinds of complicated maneuvers they are going to be doing in two entirely different atmospheres.

rebootyourbrainstem 34 points submitted 4 days ago

Canada Goose Jackets The writing has been on the wall for a while, even though they still not coming right out and saying it (the actual quote hedges things a bit more than the article title suggests) Canada Goose Jackets.

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