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I don’t think anyone was expecting it

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That neighbor has issues with drugs and other things that keep her from being able to properly parent her daughter. Rather than let that young lady go with her mother into a very uncertain situation, my husband and I took her into our home. At least here, she has a stable environment and two responsible adults who love her and make it a priority to provide for her needs as part of the family.For me, that’s a very pointed, very specific action that helps me meet the more generalized goals I mentioned originally.

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9. They’re all about their work. Passionate people don’t worry about work/life balance. «This has never, ever happened. I don’t think anyone was expecting it, because it’s very similar to a kind of Brexit Trump situation in that almost every opinion poll, almost every survey done, almost every op ed written had Najib Razak returning to power, maybe [by] a slim majority,» he says. «So this was quite a shock to most people.».

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Mahelot took a single stage and put several kinds of settings next to each other, the idea being that the actor could start in front of the woods, but then move to the center of the stage and continue the scene without being confined to that location. Here Zimmerman’s setting contained four or five different areas that could establish location while the actors could either stay there or incorporate the neutral wooden platform space in the center of the stage into the scene. Michael Chybowski’s lighting design carefully assisted this process, while also providing some emotionally evocative spotlights for asides..

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