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I feel sort of guilty for the situation you were in because of

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Mom asks why she was not informed of bullying before son’s suicide

We need to lose this ridiculous aversion to telling kids that it okay to defend themselves, as well. Even pre emptively, if necessary.I have zero problems telling my kids to attack anyone who bullies them if the teachers won do anything and if we can get anything done through the police. My husband broke his 13 year old bully kneecap, ribs, and collarbone when he was 10 years old with a baseball bat after getting his ass beaten every day for a couple of years. One day, he just got tired of going to school with black eyes, took a baseball bat to the bus stop, the bully stepped up, said «you not gonna «, and cheap moncler sale that was that. Thing about bullies is they are often bullied themselves outside of what you see and end up taking it out on others. Either way I like how you paid that kid in punches. In order to fully address the bullieing issue people need to take a step back moncler outlet and look at the whole picture. Which no one ever does cause news cheap moncler coats flash people in this country are ignant and lazyIt really sad. I hate to admit it, but when I was young. I used to take pleasure in making fun of other kids and bullying them to justify my own shitty life at the time. As much cheap moncler jackets as I was to blame for my actions. I kept doing it because the school system didn punish me for it. They let me go on with my aggressive nature so that they wouldn look bad. No body intervened on my rain of terror. It burns me till this day to know that I was this way and that moncler outlet store no one taught me otherwise as a kid. I don know why I sharing this with you, I just feel like even though it wasn me. I feel sort of guilty for the situation you were in because of my actions even though they are not related in any way. Something has to be done on an administrative level. This is why, now I work as a counsellor for students who get harassed. Maybe it my guilt that got me here or maybe its just my calling. You don just automatically get permission to take video of somebody kids because they in a public place. You get even LESS permission to do so secretly on a hidden camera.Most schools have security cameras, but the actual recorded footage should be limited in availability to specific admin and security staff unless a police officer specifically asks for it in reference to a specific case with a narrow time frame to be pulled, or a freedom of information (or records request or whatever it called) petition is filed, which themselves should be limited in scope and time frame. Which is to show moncler mens jackets that even the school district itself doesn have carte blanche to record and distribute video taken on it own equipment of its own public property. Not you, police, or anyone else. The catch is if you impeding the action of first responders (ex: you record on a road that preventing an ambulance from getting through or you right up next to the police officer as they questioning the suspect). Then they can tell you to move and you could have problems if you don comply.However in private, you do have reasonable expectation of privacy. This means if someone calls you into their office, you have an expectation of privacy so you cannot record them if you in a 2 party consent state. But if you in a school yard or hallway, that public and you can record. There is a history related site where educators and the well educated history buffs and professionals comment and there is a group of bullies on it who the site refuses to deal with. Its moderators refused to address the problem when I brought it to their attention.As for moncler outlet sale the first two steps, one has to show restraint and build character in our children so buy moncler jackets that they themselves don become bullies. So I taught my kids a 3 strike policy that contains a pattern of abuse by the offender before getting violent…If the bullying occurs on a game or social media website, there should be an option to block the offending user/player. If they circumvent this or go too far, easy enough to report them to the service / game support, who usually take that pretty seriously. (I seen people just completely banned and locked out of their accounts for even harmless taunts.)If it is emails or other personal communication, you can still block or filter those messages.If it is just too out of control, stop using the internet.In a face to face situation, the only option is to hope you can walk away and deescalate the situation. However https://www.kinkhost.com , that is a catch 22, because the bully just uses that as additional ammunition. Unless the bully moncler sale outlet does something particularly cheap moncler extreme, also nearly impossible to get them removed from the situation, with the only option being for you or your child to move away, change school, or remove yourselves. Say for example a bully distributes a comment about you that claims you are unAmerican. You block him and he opens another account unser another name and continues to make the claim. In the meantime others get in on the bullying and instead of you dealing with one person, you now have to deal with several. They stopped telling us, but she tells us monlcer down jackets which is good. We tell them, they don give a flying fuck. The one time my wife wanted to press charges on this little shitstain for kicking my daughter moncler outlet online on moncler sale the ground Cheap Moncler uk , the school resource officer (cop) said he would press charges against my cheap moncler outlet daughter if we did. I have told my daughter to hit these kids in the face if they didn stop, but she just too damn niceWell you raised her well if she is a nice person. But fuck those admins and that cop. I met my worst bullying in Catholic school and thought the shitty admins skirting student healthcare and sanity. Things only happened when my old man threatened to sue. And almost did when someone stabbed me with a pencil.

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