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If you posting a picture of your firearm

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Officers must have good reason to ask if people have guns on them

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For a weapons inquiry conducted in the course of a traffic investigation to be reasonably related to that investigation and reasonably necessary to effectuate it, an officer must have reasonable, circumstance specific concerns for the officer’s safety or the safety of other persons who are present. To justify an officer’s canada goose stockists uk weapons inquiry, the officer’s safety concerns need not arise from facts particular to the detained individual; they can arise from the totality of the circumstances that the officer faces. However, if the officer does not have at least a circumstance specific safety concern, then the officer’s weapons inquiry has no logical relationship to the traffic investigation. And, if the officer’s circumstance specific safety concerns are not reasonable, then an officer who acts on those concerns violates Article I, section 9, which protects the people from an «unreasonable search, or seizure.»The seizure needs to be limited in scope to what they were pulled over for.

Canada Goose Outlet As I said, that not entirely true. Otherwise pretextual stops would always be illegal. What DOES have to happen is that the pretext has to be legitimate and must be dealt with in a timely manner. The citizen cannot be kept longer than canada goose outlet houston it takes to deal with the matter for fishing (US vs Place // Rodriguez vs US), but all other case law recognizes that fishing is legal (as long as it doesn increase the time the stop would have taken beyond a reasonable amount). Canada Goose Outlet

In P they have to work it that way, if they had 2 officers investigating and none doing the stop itself they obviously aren executing the stop for cause. That is most definitely an unreasonable search and seizure (but IANAL, so obviously its okay).

On the other hand, you got some dude (a cop) outside your window with his hand on his weapon, canada goose outlet seattle and you know practically nothing about him. He could literally have an IQ of 80 and if him knowing that I legally am carrying keeps him from blowing a couple holes in me because he felt «threatened» by seeing a weapon, then damn right I will tell him every time. The fact is that you don know what situations the cop has seen, nor how he would react to seeing a weapon (threateningly or not). I had a cop draw on my before for having an airsoft gun in my backseat, and he was one twitchy mother. just need to know if you have a weapon or not.

uk canada goose Why? The safest place for my gun to be is in my holster, with everyone booger hooks away from the bang switch. If I inform the officer, they might want me to get out of the car so they can disarm me for «officer safety.» Once canada goose outlet winnipeg address my gun is no longer in my N82 Professional, the trigger is exposed and an accident could happen uk canada goose

Canada Goose Parka and the officer or myself could end up injured. Canada Goose Parka

If I sitting in the car and we doing the normal license, registration, insurance, and (optionally) a ticket exchange, I not saying a damn thing. All of my canada goose outlet in canada documents are already out and ready before the officer even gets close to my car, so my hands won ever be near my CCW.

canada goose store The way I see it, I more concerned with the officer safety than s/he is. As long as we both leave our guns in their holsters, nobody is going to get hurt by accident. Once someone has a gun in their hand, the situation has become much more dangerous. Even though they aren going to get a straight answer, most officers can tell whether or not the person is lying and knows how to proceed based on that. canada goose store

canada goose clearance I not concerned if I have to give up my gun when I around an officer because I know I not going to need it. It worth it for me to have officers safe if he can still ask the scumbags the questions he needs to ask. What is a minor inconvenience for me is a life threatening situation for him canada goose clearance.

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