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It’s like «Pimp my Cave» in here

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Who will reign supreme in driving duel

canada goose uk outlet I think I’m getting roofied. Normally, it happens twice in one sitting. I can’t help it. It only occurs whenever I get into canada goose outlet store toronto certain cheap canada goose uk vehicles owned by my female friends. All two of them. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose coats on sale I’ll get in thinking everything is OK; I’ll be home soon drinking hot coco and getting into my toesies. The last thing I remember is always walking up to the car, normally a Civic. There’ll be a flash, and then I’ll be somewhere else. It’s a confusing, cramped living space. Sometimes there are flowers in water and artificial scents with artificial names. There are lights, it’s hazy, I’ll feel cold and as if there’s a breeze. It’s like «Pimp my Cave» in here. Brightly colored, furry objects hang down from the roof in between the two booths. Everything is blurry and goes very quickly in this little demon Canada Goose sale room that I’ve woken up in; occasionally I hear voices. And then, bam! I’m standing outside my apartment building. She’s driving off, laughing, and I’m not quite sure what happened. I feel a little cheap. canada goose coats on sale

Of course, this is a joke. Roofies are a terrible thing and I’ve never been canada goose xxl uk unintentionally roofied before, as I don’t accept food or drink from my friends. Outside of their evil intentions, however, they can have their moments. Such as the game, «Roof! There it is,» where players stand in four corners of the room, roofies in palm, mouths wide open, and start making shots at one another. Baskets only count if swallowed. The time when the game is it at its best is when it goes into overtime 10 hours later when everyone wakes up kind of rested.

Anywho, a girl’s car resembles her room, whereas a guy’s car is more similar to a trashcan. Girls leave their lives in the car. Makeup is everywhere from purses that exploded after being tossed into the backseat. Clothes from impromptu work or school changes sit in the passenger seat. It’s hard to talk smack about a girl’s driving habits, mainly because they are bipolar. Sometimes you get into a car with a girl and it feels as though you’re experimenting with a comfy rickshaw. Other times it’s Speed Racer and you wonder who will inherit your Xbox 360.

Guys essentially drive cars that serve the purpose of both transportation and waste management. It’s not that guys aren’t clean or respectful of their cars. It’s an American canada goose outlet new york tradition that goes way back, from Native Americans using the buffalo hides for shelter to college kids using empty beer cases for sudden robot box battles.

Guys’ cars also prove that time portals exist. For some reason they mostly open up in cheap canada goose jackets uk men’s cars and let two or three items that should never be in a car slip into the back seat or in between the seats.

Canada Goose Jackets No one knows for sure what will be in a guy’s car. Ever. That’s impossible. Search your feelings what guy hasn’t said «I. did not know that was in here,» to an accusatory friend who just found a completely undressed Cabbage Patch Kid under his seat? Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose factory sale Now, there are some guys who really love their cars. Like, when they see their car and their girlfriend, they’ll hug the car first. That kind of love. canada goose factory sale

These are the guys that will give you the hardcore chop shop talk: «Oh, yeah, I got the Twin Diesel Semi Auto Hemi Magnum PR 79s» and all you can tell him is what year in which it was made. These guys live in their own little worlds, but it’s interesting that guys who don’t love cars as much as these folks still pretty much drive like them.

cheap Canada Goose Last thing I’ll say is this: Walking around the student parking lots on campus, it’s hard not to notice the Ferraris and uber BMWs that pop up every once in a while. cheap Canada Goose

Maybe there’s a buy canada goose uk lot of trust between parent and child, and that’s great. But placing that purring dollar sign you call a car in the hands of a 20 something year old kid is pretty much guaranteeing spectacular and utter failure.

She said:

When we ladies put our Ugg boots to the metal and take off in our gigantic SUVs, we’re not just playing games we’re taking care of business.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale A girl doesn’t drive only to get from place to place. She drives to accomplish item no. 172 in her ridiculously long daily to do list, such as rushing to the mall to snatch that cute knit beret on sale before some other hatless girl can, or picking up Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for a friend who was just mercilessly text message dumped by her boyfriend of a year and a half. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Taking a car ride with girlfriends is much more productive than most sessions of canada goose outlet Congress. A 15 minute expedition will https://www.zoetermeerinbeeld.nl determine plans for Friday night, an escape plan for dodging all of the sketchy guys at the party which means figuring out who has to play lesbian if the need arises why, when and how Jessica should dump that guy she’s been seeing and all the reasons why he doesn’t deserve her and what kind of shoes Hannah Canada Goose Jackets should wear with that new dress.

Canada Goose online Take notes, Congress. A lot of notes. Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale And who says other people have to be in the car to be a part of such productivity? That’s what cell phones are for. You can give that same warm hearted, I really did like him Jess but he’s dead weight and you deserve something better lecture to Jessica about her soon to be ex boyfriend over the phone and still manage to not hit pedestrians on their way to class when you’re cheap canada goose decoys driving around the Drillfield. Most of the time. And then you sit in your car for five minutes apologizing to that kid who looks as terrified as a deer canada goose uk head office in the headlights that just narrowly escaped death. canada goose black friday sale

But then you start driving down the road again and talk to your mom about how your North Face jacket has a hole in it. Heck, if you hit a couple red lights you could just text her all about it.

I think that’s why men classify women as horrible drivers we have so many things on our mind other than those cars putting on their brake lights in front of us while it’s raining. We put our lives at risk thinking about what we have to do in our lives.

uk canada goose Just because we’re more mindful about our life and what to do with it doesn’t mean we’re bad drivers. Hitting pedestrians means we are. uk canada goose

Guys, on the other hand, drive to live out their boxcar dreams from their youth and maneuver accordingly just as when they were playing with those little toy cars that they purposely crashed for shits and giggles.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to cover my eyes in fright as my boyfriend zooms and zig zags down North Main Street, yelling obscenities at those safe drivers who are moving far too slowly for his own liking. That drive should take a little under 10 minutes, but literally two minutes later I peep from behind my fingers to find that we’re parked in the Squires lot. To break my paralysis, he asks me whether I want to grab lunch before I head to the newsroom. I don’t know whether that smile on his face is just him being too cute for his own good, or perhaps it’s tangible evidence that he enjoyed his happy fantasy of driving a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago down the streets of Blacksburg instead of my busted ’89 Buick.

While we drive to get things done, our male counterparts drive for speed and efficiency. They know where they have to go, when they have to be there, how late they can afford to be, and drive like Speed Racer until they reach their final destination.

canada goose uk shop It all makes sense why girls let their boy toys drive them around. One, they get a free chauffer. Two, they get to gab on the phone talking about the weekend and the guy gets to shamelessly pretend he’s playing Mario Kart and dodging those red shells canada goose uk shop.

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