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Less fatigue, less injury, better performance, more enjoyment

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Canada Goose Outlet Fernie Winter Sports School Canada Goose Outlet

Wendy: We have about 130 instructors. They receive mandatory safety training, and we run training sessions every morning and afternoon. There are 4 levels of Ski and Snowboard instruction certification and we are lucky to have approximately twentylevel 4 instructors, so per size of snow school probably the highest certified in Canada.

Why do you like being an instructor?

Rodger: I think it’s because I get a kick out of seeing people learn and when they learn, they light up and it makes my day.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale When, and how often do lessons run? What levels of instruction are offered? Canada Goose Coats On Sale

W:Lessons run daily, starting at 9 and canada goose outlet online store finishing at 4. Privates, group lessons, specialty clinics, a variety of everything. 6 levels of instruction on skis, 5 on snowboard from never ever up to all mountain, all terrain, all snow conditions.

Where do the lessons take place?

Canada Goose online W: All terrain, all mountain. Levels 1,2,3 on the lower mountain, levels 4,5,6 all mountain. When we are in group time we tend to go minimum terrain, maximum speed so we’re canada goose uk outlet not always challenging them with the most difficult conditions. We try to work on understanding and learning through reflection and some guided discovery to be able to then challenge more difficultterrain. Canada Goose online

Why should a beginner sign up for a lesson?

R: First of all, you get to be out on canada goose outlet germany the mountain and meet new people. It will shortcut you to having access to the lifts, if you don’t you could waste a lot of time. You get straight to the point: how to ski, what movements to make, how to balance and blast though all the myths around skiing.

buy canada goose jacket Why should a parent canada goose lorette uk sign up their child for a lesson? buy canada goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale W: I think it’s really fun for the kids. They love to play on skis and our instructors have a way of bringing canada goose jacket outlet uk that out, which they then share with the parents so that the parents can continue on with that positive experience. canada goose black friday sale

What kind of new techniques can people learn?

canadian goose jacket R: Proper stance and balance, proper mobility, how to edge a ski properly, how to manage your speed, how to ski and read the terrain. canadian goose jacket

Why should an experienced skier/boarder sign up for a lesson?

canada goose store W: I think it gets you to think about it differently, it gets you to really appreciate the sport. I think it gets you to appreciate yourself and what you can do physically, emotionally and mentally so you are able to challenge and do things and conquer things that maybe you had a bit of a barrier with before. Less fatigue, less injury, better performance, more enjoyment. canada goose store

How does an instructor improve your technique, stance, form, etc.?

canada goose factory sale R: An instructor will set an objective and from that, can make an assessment as to canada goose hybridge uk if you’ve met that objective or how you can better meet that objective. They can give you feedback directly as to what you need to do to become a better skier. canada goose factory sale

cheap canada goose uk What kind of different techniques do instructors use to teach kids, adults? cheap canada goose uk

W: The kids because of the way canada goose outlet new jersey that they learn it’s canada goose outlet store locations more global, so they learn by doing, by experiencing and by play. That’s how their brain works so it’s playing games that will develop those skills without them actually being cognitively aware that they’re developing something. Whereas adults need to know the why a little bit more, so that’s where you start to create development that ties into a canada goose outlet https://www.amigosdecontreras.es vancouver bit of reflection on what’s happening and why, so that they really understand it.

canada goose clearance Do you see improvement over the course of a single lesson? canada goose clearance

R: Absolutely, yes. Sometimes it’s huge. Biggest improvement I’ve seen personally: I had someone who could barely turn snowplow left and right on the Mighty Moose. By the end of 2 hours, they were skiing down the Bear with parallel turns.

How long has the WSS at Fernie been in existence? How has instruction evolved since?

W: Since Heiko started the resort. Dave Rogers started with Heiko (and still works with us). Technique has changed because of ski design and snowboard design. Tactics have then progressed to be able to allow a broader range of skier or rider to feel comfortable and safe and really feeling good in more challenging terrain than they canada goose parka black friday used to before. Teaching wise, we’re developing more of a scientific approach as to how people learn and trying to follow a good structure of development that gets people to learn not just to be taught.

R: Instruction has changed but not changed, a big driver around changing is the equipment, and the technique is slightly different because of the equipment. The component of teaching that hasn’t changed is theguest experience, giving people the time of their lives, and making peoples day. Years ago the skis were straight and skinnysoyou needed to use a lot of up and down movement to lighten the ski to turn it. Nowadays there’s a lot of shape to the ski, so you don’t need so much movement up and downand the ski design can help you turn. In that respect, balancing on the ski is cheap canada goose very similar.

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