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Look at the most of the groups in Europe and you find most of

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So is the Alt Right going places

canadian goose jacket All posts should be related to the political, social and economical discussion of Fascism and its theories. Posts unrelated to the previously stated topics along with those related to the organization of fascist political activity will be removed as this is a political debate subreddit. canadian goose jacket

Do not make low quality or repetitive posts such as; ideology am I? and on Jews? and is Fascism? Please use the search bar. Because of this, there is no cohesion about proactive principles or vision its purely reactionary. While its important to rebound off of these movements, its a terrible idea to pivot on them, which is exactly what cringe fests like Spencer and Identity Evropa try to do (I hate their image and aesthetics) ((I toss IE a bone for recognizing that they need to start embodying the traditional American archetype, but they haven let go of that hideous branding)).

canada goose coats on sale Some people are saying that it was small, but that was under the label. Its impact was wide spread and well felt. It is the label that is on its way out, not the reaction. Spencer and his types have lost popularity, but the reaction continues to grow with moderation and linearity this time. The logo is based off of the Dragon Eye, a germanic pagan icon, and the name is simply too unamerican. I don mean to imply that the tradtional american is not of European descent, nor do I mean to say that it ought not to be; rather, I feel that the American identity is distinct in spirit and culture from Europe. We embody more of a pioneering attitude, cheap canada goose a craving for freedom and safety from over socialization of government power. In a way, we are almost like hobbits, seeking independence and isolation from Machiavellian politics and power players (of course, we failed in that respect because both corporations and governments have successfully concentrated and abused power illegitimately obtained). canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance A proper right wing group in this country ought to look like and appeal to American conservatives. American hair cuts, American professionalism, traditional american values, prior to the madness of the 60s. The fashy haircuts are nice, but canada goose outlet store quebec they don look american. It makes more sense on Generation Identity figures than it does American Identitarians. Ideally, we should be using the current favorable sentiments to our advantages maga hats, american patriotism, love for freedom (and of course, we mean freedom in the true sense rather than the liberal sense). As I mentioned, I do approve of IE moving in that direction they have been working to adopt a more american appearance, which is good. But even the colors on their logo are off putting. At least use red white and blue. canada goose clearance

uk canada goose outlet As for your second question, what I mean by pivoting is to use the problem itself as the center piece for a movement, and by rebounding, I mean taking the problem and using it to show a greater problem, and canada goose factory outlet toronto location a proper solution. I feel that canada goose outlet in canada the alt right too much about the problem rather than the solution. Discussing contemporary problems canada goose outlet ottawa is https://www.canadagoosejacketsalesca.co.uk useful canada goose coats uk and builds public awareness (they helped generate awareness for the denigration of the south african state, european immigration, censorship laws, etc), but it shouldn be the central component of your movement, because when people ask how canada goose outlet belgium you want to solve the issue, you end up simply positing the state opposite to the one you are currently in. (muh ethnostate). It is far to abstract, and it does not resonate with average americans. uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Its far buy canada goose uk better to take advantage of the awareness for a particular problem and to expose the system or ideology that perpetuates the issue. From there, you off of the problem by proposing a system/ideology that is (1) cohesive and solves all of those problems and (2) appeals to the identity of your audience (european americans). You are encompassing historical context and other issues in one grouping rather than autistically focusing down on a single issue (demographics), which looks bad. For Americans, that means a return to traditional, christian republicanism with a dominant European demographic, and a fair break up of power in a Jeffersonian vision. The goal is to use the better ideas of the founders and to enact some of the ones they ended up not putting down on legal paper. Look at the most of the groups in Europe and you find most of them tend to be onboard with liberalism, capitalism, same sex equality, feminism, etc, they just don like immigrants. There isn any serious support for a resurgence in Europe beyond that, and if Europe ever canada goose clothing uk buttons up and closes its borders the wind will go out of their sails pretty fast. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose uk outlet In the US it a different story. It been a lot more socially conservative than Europe for a while and the political system is slanted in a way that gives the GOP a disproportionate advantage in a lot of elections, plus the Democrats have a hard time falling in line and voting like the GOP do. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose store I concede your point, I not saying your wrong just, from my point of view, pessimistic. In that the immigration debate can act as a gateway to the popularization of illiberalism canada goose outlet new york in Europe. To an extent we are seeing that already in certain countries. It not drastic and I not saying it gonna totally change the European political landscape towards far right politics in the next decade or anything ridiculous like that. For the most part they are just racist liberals, meaning that they are doomed to repeat the same functional failures liberal political movements have. canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale There are a few interesting voices, Rufus over at Identity Dixie and Florian Geyer of Mysterium Fasces for instance. canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose Okay dude. Go parading your swastika then and convince people who think calling a trans person «he» is too offensive that hitler wasn that bad. Go try cheap Canada Goose.

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