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Maybe they were planning two and it didn work out but I

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BLUfever and its affect on the BLU announcement

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Without those leaks, how pissed are you about it, really? Knowing you will be getting multiple new non BLU jobs in 5.0, bringing the total number of playable traditional jobs to at least 17. That is a high number by any canada goose outlet store new york account, MMO or otherwise.

canada goose uk outlet the folks who were really hyped up about doing new content as BLU, look, I get it. You disappointed. But what will the result of this be? canada goose uk outlet

canada goose clearance You pick up another new job, or your current one, or one of the many others available, do the standard MMO thing to your heart content, and be occasionally sad you can do it as a BLU. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket cheap Or you can be so upset you your ball and quit, canada goose factory outlet I guess? Fine? buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Outlet Meanwhile, folks who enjoyed the old FFXI BLU (of which there are many), and folks who wanted to play this game canada goose outlet us as an FF without having to focus so strongly on the party/instance/typical MMO aspect (of which there are many more), will have a wealth of new fun content and will enjoy a game almost entirely separate from the standard game. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Online I like getting «secret new info» as much as the next person. But in this case, it brought everyone up just to come crashing down when they didn get the expected result. But canada goose outlet that just like, my opinion, man. Leaks and dataminers are EVERYWHERE, and it only served canada goose stockists uk to be a detriment nowadays when people see stuff early and end up getting mad(and sometimes they only partially accurate.) Canada Goose Online

I actually feel that there was a time here leaks were quite exciting, but nowadays they taken a turn for the worst. Blufever seemed to be on point for most stuff, but there was stuff that off. Now this doesn necessarily take away from his credibility, but it does show that things can change canada goose outlet store calgary heavily in development. Maybe there was a time BLU was meant to be normal but they decided for job instead of to it under current jobs or maybe the dude just didn see that part. FWIW I also think that the two new races thing is now off too I think maybe one thomas-sz of them was another beast tribe. Maybe they were planning two and it didn work out but I somehow doubt the two are happening. And now we can wait to see how it turns out in practice or just be upset about what we know. Which tbh I canada goose outlet paypal both.

canada goose uk black friday But the point being that BLU canada goose outlet ottawa had a big fanbase and people were doubting the leaks because of the fact it even had BLU in it. The pet counted as a party member so they lowered xp, with the added flaw of eventually that beast will go rogue and that could be a disaster if it happened midpull. Not to mention BST was basically viewed as THE solo job. Half the reason no one learned to party with BST is the BST players didn want to party with them they wanted to use their buddies to solo grind their own levels. And even people that wanted to invite beast saw it as situational, often having camp specific considerations. The only difference is bst didn have a lower level cap, but that just a temporary measure. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose Parka I don know the state of bst now, but back when I was playing, around the release of ToAU, bst was this class basically built around things that other classes just didn do interacted canada goose outlet canada with monsters and monster skills. And because of this, it just wasn properly balanced in a party, with weird ups and downs depending on what monster they had at their ready. So, the community chose to close it off, and canada goose outlet in toronto no one invited them. And SE is just setting no illusions we can balance this for parties, so just up front we not going to try. It be more fun being its own thing. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose black friday sale Years later, after ToAU I assume, pet classes were more balances and I assume bst was reaccepted, but it started at its core as a solo job that was basically unaccepted in the large majority of endgame content. Even summoner struggled for acceptance before manaburn parties became the trend (or so I hear, that was a period I tried to get back in and just couldn do it). So, just keep that in mind it was years before BST was considered viable for things outside of solo grinding in ff11, but it happened. It was assumed puppetmaster was going to be the same, but it found a place. Things change over time. Just the instanced nature of 14 endgame gives us a unique opportunity. One day, if blu is balanced enough for party stuff, I imagine there will be a calling for it. People will carefully test, dps meters quietly gauged, buffs and debuffs closely examined, by many in the community, and they will come to SE and say «there no reason not to now, it works!» And I bet if that happens, they will. Its just not there right now. And they don see how to make it get there without just gutting the job. canada goose black friday sale

So here we are, its this or likely nothing ever. Because I imagine its a situation that they have spent enough resources on this class, as its been worked on since HW, that they either put it out or the whole thing is just done, closed book never to return. Because you can work on a project with no returns forever, just the nature of game development.

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