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One little follow up shot at the end of the fight isn’t

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Flyingpigfriend 1 point cheap canada goose montreal submitted 21 hours ago

canada goose I often see people post about their awful movie theater experiences in this sub and it is actually kind of surprising to me. I go to the movies more than anyone I know and at all different locations and times and I can count two experiences that were truly awful. I saw over a hundred movies last year (mostly through MoviePass back when it was actually good) and genuinely never had any issues. There have been times where the theater was very rowdy canada goose outlet black friday sale before the movie started but it always quiets down when the previews start rolling. canada goose

Canada Goose Coats On Sale I even saw It on the second day it was out during a Friday canada goose outlet night and it really was not too bad. I also ended up watching it two more times in theaters without any issues. Same goes for any other horror movie I saw last year. I’m not saying that audiences can’t be shitty but canada goose black friday discount in my pretty extensive moviegoing experience it really has not been too bad. Is it just that some cities have shittier canada goose outlet buffalo audiences? I’m in San Diego for reference and it generally seems fine here. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

cheap canada goose uk On a side note, one of the only times where I did have a bad experience was during a showing of Don’t Breathe at my local AMC. The people behind us would not stop laughing during every scene and it got to the point where I turned around to say something. only to see that it was actually a younger cousin of mine (in high school) and his friends. I kinda scolded him but he got the idea and got his friends canada goose outlet belgium to quiet down lol cheap canada goose uk

Flyingpigfriend 0 points submitted 11 days ago

Oh, fuck off with your bullshit. Unlike you I am honest enough to admit that when I watch MMA I am supporting a horrific sport whose competitors are doing permanent damage to their minds and bodies. I realize that I am culpable in the existence of a sport that, if we lived in a decent society, should not even exist. One little follow up shot at the end of the fight isn’t problematic the whole sport is the problem! Anybody who watches MMA has no room to act all holier than thou about one punch when they will willingly cheer on two dudes beating the absolute shit out of each other for the 25 minutes prior. If you were legitimately concerned about the safety of the fighters in a meaningful way (which you aren’t) you wouldn’t follow or support the sport. Period.

BHAFA 6 points submitted 16 days ago

Absolutely nothing is wrong with criticizing the conservative worldview. There just isnt a crusade on the right wing to deplatform at the moment. Traditionally it was crazy right wingers demanding deplatforming of comedians and academics and musicians etc for failing to meet standards of moral purity. Nowadays its flipped and it a real piss off when the crowd who used to stand up to that shit become the main purveyors of it.

The claim here is that JRE is dangerous. Joe isnt being called immoral and dangerous for his criticisms of the right wing despite the fact he mocks them all the time. Anyone can speak out against the right wing, there wont be any repercussions in the media.

If you criticize SJWs though you get called alt right or alt right adjacent. Then you a pathway to fascism and fascism is evil and needs to be stopped by any means necessary.

Can you think of anyone who has criticized SJWs who hasnt been denounced as alt right? Can you think of any liberal publications that have been critical of the SJW shit? How can that be if SJW are a small crazy minority that have no power?

Canada Goose Parka I quit being a centrist and scream I a liberal https://www.rheingoenheim-info.de from the rooftop while wearing a rainbow flag if there were any prominent liberals who called out the crazy SJW shit for what it is. Canada Goose Parka

That my opinion anyways.

David Pakman from The David Parkman Show, the Majority Report crew, Kyle Kulinski, Contrapoints are all leftwing and have criticized SJW stuff. The difference between them and certain folks on the right that do the same thing is that those I listed will give it the amount of attention it deserves and then move on to actually important issues. People on the right are convinced that SJWs are taking over the world because some college freshmen protest one of their speeches and talk about it nonstop on their programs. When someone on the left is the target of the same SJW mob they will often go completely silent.

I quit being a centrist and scream I a liberal from the rooftop while wearing a rainbow flag if there were any prominent liberals who called out the crazy SJW shit for what it is.

Ah, canada goose outlet the Dave Rubin approach to politics lmfao

BHAFA 5 points submitted 16 days ago

I mean anything outside of the narrow confines of the modern progressive worldview is technically a route to the alt right. Theres a very small range of acceptable opinions nowadays. The well meaning belief that people should be treated as individuals is technically problematic because its ignorant of the struggles of groups. All literature and political philosophy prior to canada goose outlet mall like 2014 is problematic and generally considered to be hateful colonialist white dude shit therefore alt right.

Canada Goose sale Joe has definitely broadened the boundaries of what is acceptable to talk about by showing that it possible to be a decent open minded liberal dude who treats people from every kind of group you can conceive of well while simultaneously being critical of the narrow progressive worldview. Depending on where you stand that either a good thing or a horrific thing. Canada Goose sale

I have no issue with the content of the conversation so long as bad arguments or outright lies get called out for what they are. People often like to point to how podcasts are better for open conversation than mainstream news outlets (which is true to an extent), but they rarely point out the negative aspects of the medium, which are numerous and significant.

uk canada goose Podcasts generally have much lower standards canada goose black friday 2019 for guests so some pretty fringe figures with questionable credentials can come on and state blatant canada goose outlet usa lies to an audience of millions. Someone like Joe (much as I like the guy) are not equipped to provide the push back to these people that is needed to ensure they aren’t pushing their faux intellectualism onto the masses. Mainstream news at least do a better job of vetting the people they have on and provide some level of push against the more looney guests. uk canada goose

I have listened to the podcasts almost since the very beginning so it’s not like I’m trying to take shots at Joe. I just genuinely think that the podcast has gotten so big that his sort of casual approach to interviewing extremists is pretty irresponsible.

Flyingpigfriend 1 point submitted 21 days ago

Part of the appeal of Canada Goose Jackets streaming services was that they did not have any commercials, to the point that it was used as a selling point when a lot of them were still in their infancy. You can’t blame people for being upset at this when it was a standard that they set for themselves. People complain because the increase in ads + the steady increase in price over the years + the decrease in selection has most streaming sites slowly trending in the direction of basic cable; the very thing people jumped to streaming sites to avoid.

canada goose uk black friday Mind you not all of this applies to ESPN+ (which I know next to nothing about) but it does explain why people are so vocal in their discontent to changes from these streaming services. 4 points submitted 24 days ago canada goose uk black friday

canada goose clearance sale In the cage, they paid and there are rules. Outside the cage, they just being moronic meatheads letting their egos and emotions get the best of them. Being stupid is being stupid, no matter what your job is. canada goose clearance sale

cheap Canada Goose Edit: Because this apparently wasn clear. I not one of those people who are supposedly offended by fighters getting in fights outside of the cage. I pointing out the stupidity of fighters fighting each other outside of the cage, and differences between the scenarios. One is a job; the other is assault from being too stupid to control yourself cheap Canada Goose.

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