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To prevent members of this subreddit from impersonating as

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Why do you guys always try to act hard

Keep it civil and respectful! LEOs and civilians are both expected to behave with common decency. This should be a safe, open place for discussion.

No cop OR citizen bashing Please know canada goose uk outlet the officers canada goose outlet canada here only want to help, and the posters just canada goose outlet jackets want answers.

«You already made up your Canada Goose Jackets mind!» canada goose factory outlet is not an acceptable answer. Maybe they have, maybe you assume too much, but certainly someone has this question, even if it seems ridiculous. 90% of askers and cheap Canada Goose answerers here have a strong agenda or bias, but that doesn give us the right to discard the question out of hand.

Posts canada goose outlet canada goose clearance sale reviews should canada Canada Goose Coats On Sale goose outlet in usa ask a canada goose factory sale question, not just link an article or make a statement and say canada goose coats on sale «discuss». You can canada goose outlet store link an article or video, but buy canada goose jacket cheap there needs to be canada goose jacket outlet a question.

No questions or answers phrased specifically to create hostility. Please use the REPORT button and use the «other» section to describe any hostility.

Downvote canada goose outlet online WRONG canada goose outlet uk info, not just stuff you don like. Unless it factually incorrect, do not downvote canada goose outlet shop answers just because you don like them. Blasting cops canada goose clearance with downvotes Canada Goose Online make us look pathetic. Blasting non cops make us look just as bad.

Do cheap canada goose uk not claim to be canada goose uk black friday Law Enforcement without first verifying. To prevent members of this subreddit from impersonating as officers, or giving misleading advice when they misrepresenting LEO status, if you are not a verified member of this subreddit, do not claim canada goose outlet online uk to be a LEO. You can verify https://www.topparka.ca by PM the subreddit moderators. If you are verified at /r/ProtectandServe, we can confirm and assign you the canada goose outlet store uk proper flair. You already seem uk canada goose to have a negative and generalized view of the police, so most of the fine folks here aren’t going to engage you because there’s likely no changing your mind if you’re already upset about something.

I, however, have killer canadian goose jacket pregnancy heartburn and can’t sleep, so I’ve got some time to kill.

The general public is going to interact with uk canada goose outlet the police usually in Canada Goose Parka one of two ways:

1) You fucked up

2) Something fucked up happened to/near you

If you fucked up, Canada Goose online an officer is not there to be your buddy. Just like a parent is going to goose outlet canada be stern with a child for breaking the rules, an Canada Goose Outlet official canada goose outlet officer is there to remind you that you’ve done something wrong. And let’s not forget that vest they’re wearing isn’t a fashion statement canada goose black friday sale (actually its heavy, it’s hot, and it stinks) Officers have to treat canada goose outlet toronto factory every interaction like it canada goose outlet parka might go canada goose outlet sale south at any moment. Having a command presence is going to help keep some people from acting a fool; appearing soft could canada goose coats get the officer killed.

If something fucked up canada goose outlet black friday has happened to canada goose outlet new york city you or near you, the police are there to unfuck the situation or at least limit the fuckery. If you are the victim, they are going to project confidence canada goose to you so you in turn will have the confidence to Canada Goose Outlet get through the situation. If you are a bystander then they may need vital information from you ASAP or buy canada goose jacket need you to get you ass out of dodge ASAP. Stunned people who have just witnessed something fucked up may need to be canada goose outlet uk sale jolted back to reality.

And yes, cops are people, people can be dicks, so by the transitive canada goose uk shop property of dicks, some cops are just dicks. In any walk of life you’ll come across people who confuse aggression with assertiveness, and the police are Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet nyc no different. This isn’t canada goose store condoned behavior though, and you can bet the Farvas of the force are being written up and sent to sensitivity training.

Chances are though you’ve just come across canada goose black friday sale regular cops doing their job in the polite yet stern manner they are trained to do it in. It’s just not a quality that is received well canada goose outlet in a world where we tiptoe around hurting peoples’ feelings.

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