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We double and triple checked, it appeared spit and pube free

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El Paso woman living in Montana detained by Border Patrol for speaking Spanish

cheap moncler jackets I was driving across the border back into the states after a lovely week on a Mexican beach. After waiting 2.5 hours I get to the front of the line. The agent is pissed off for some reason. No big deal I’m an American citizen and not doing anything illegal. He makes me get out of the car, unpack the trunk (though he didn’t open any of the bags so they could have been full of heroin for all he knew. He looks under the spare and then asks me where the gas tank is. I was a bit miffed for having to go through what was obviously security theater so as I was trying to fit everything back in the trunk I said I assume under the car somewhere, all I can tell you is you put the gas in on this side. I was made to pull over as the searched the interior of the car. I am fairly certain it was due to my sass. Again no one every opened the suitcases crammed into the trunk. After about 45 mins they finally let me drive through the border.Every time I drive from AZ to NM on I10 I get stopped at a check point. Now they have trailers along the side of the road with what I am told are backscatter X rays in them as well as multiple cameras. I am traveling legally within the United States the entire time, but within 100 miles of the border so it’s fine to ignore my Constitutional rights. I should also say I live in the 33rd largest city in the states. They bothered to look under the spare but not in the bags sitting on top of the spare compartment. They searched in the glove box and under the seats but never opened a single bag to even superficially see if they had clothes in them. It seemed like that rebellious stage kids go through where they work harder at pretending to do the chore they are given than if they had just done the chore to begin with.A friend, my sister and I ordered, waited for a long time, but since we were talking, we didn notice other people that ordered after us got their pizzas first.Eventually the waitress comes in tears and tell us, «uhh they forgot to make your pizza.» So we tell her, oh no big deal, how long will it take? She says, «umm they not going to make it. I can believe this is happening, this is my first day here and its horrible.»It was so weird we didn know what to do at first. I told her, «it alright we can pay for our drinks and we leave.» We went up to the register and out comes a little tiny white guy trying to stretch as tall as he could. I look at him and say https://www.moncleronlineoutlet.com , «oh this must be the cook» and girl starts crying again. I tell her, «hey it good this happened on your first day, now you know how shitty your coworkers really are, and you dont have to come back. Heres a $20 for you» and we walked out. Little white guy stood there with his arms crossed trying to look tough the whole time, it was ridiculous.I experienced racism before then but never got straight up denied service. Also being in a foreign country doesn really make one feel like one has any recourse. Especially considering the current political climate in the US, who knows what these people can do. Not trying to end up like that Indian dude that got killed in a bar over bad pizza. What if little white dude had a gun and that why he felt so tough?What was weird is that we visited Mount Rushmore the day before and were literally amazed at what Americans can do when you all want to. Then that dude showed us the other side of the coin. We were driving though Oklahoma once and ended up on some back roads through small towns. We stopped for lunch at Braum’s and placed our order when there were very few people in the store. After about half an hour the place was pretty full and we hadn’t received our order yet, but people who came in waaaay after us had. It was pretty clear from the looks we were getting what was going on but nobody outright said it. We decided to go up to the cashier every five minutes after that and be sickly sweet. Is it ready yet? Thank you so much for checking.» After about the fourth time I got a heavy sigh and we finally got our food. We double and triple checked, it appeared spit and pube free. We contemplated just getting up and leaving but we figured every second we sat in that booth being perfectly nice was a little victory.Edit: thought of another one. We were visiting a friend in Colorado and decided to tour the Coors brewery while she had something else going on. You have to take a bus from the parking lot to the brewery. By the time the last couple got on, the only seats left were next to us. The woman looked at the seat next to my SO, wrinkled her nose, and loudly announced to the bus how crowded it was before sitting down. I went through the possibilities. Our breath was fine. We weren’t wearing our fuck you faces. We’re large people, so I thought maybe that was it, but there was another couple on the bus even larger than us and nobody had an issue sitting with them. Then I looked around and realized just how damn white everybody on the bus was. I kid you not, everybody on that bus avoided us like we had communicable diseases. We live in a place where I’m definitely in the minority race wise and I’m used to certain things, like people addressing my SO and not me, or older couples giving us dirty looks, etc. But this was different and honestly kind of ruined the experience for both of us. While they were working on getting approved as a US customs pre clearance country, he did some work with Homer Land Squiddy and the Border Patrol in SoCal.The Guys in charge were super pissed at the Republicans, because they kept forcing them to hire completely unqualified morons to work the border rather than letting them take the time to properly recruit and train new people. They even said that, back when bush doubled the border patrol, they had more people than they knew what to do with. They were required to hire so many people by certain deadlines that they had no choice but to just accept whoever applied, and there was no shortage of weirdos who hate mexicans or had dreams of fighting ISIS in the mexican wilderness or whatever. It hard to open your mind when its been closed off looking at pictures of beauty being force fed to them for so long.We hear things like how we have the most freedom, that we live in a democracy, the greatest health care, how all people are equal, et cetera.But in truth they have been showing us an apple that is ripe on one side, and rotten on the other. Its only recently that the bruises have begun to show around the edges, and even on the skin facing us. If they stopped now and had an honest look around at the putrid state of affairs, the inevitable catastrophic implosion could probably be avoided. As it is though moncler outlet florida, there virtually no hope anymore. There a little more talk about things, yes, but the prevalent attitude for most people worldwide is that when it doesn hinder their lives, they just don care. As long as the apple is within their reach, things are okay. cheap moncler jackets

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